Eclipse Survey 2012 - The results are in

John Waters | Application Development Trends | June 13, 2012

The Eclipse Foundation has published the results of its annual survey of developers about their usage of Eclipse and other open source tools. Some of the surprising results in "The Eclipse Open Source Developer Report 2012" ...

This is the fourth year the Foundation has commissioned a survey of developers using open source tools.

"One of the challenges with open source is little direct contact with your customer base," Ian Skerrett, director of marketing for the Eclipse Foundation, told ADTmag. "Finding out what people are doing can be a bit of a challenge. The survey gives us -- and companies building commercial products around Eclipse -- a better understanding of what the Eclipse community is doing."

The Eclipse community was invited to participate in the survey between April 23 and May 15 of this year. Skerrett says the Foundation promoted the survey primarily through social media (Facebook, Twitter) and online forums.

Open Health News' Take: 


Here are some key findings from the recent 2012 Eclipse Community Survey that OHN staff noted:

  • Primary operating system for open source software development – Windows 55% ; Linux 32.5%
  • Primary computer language used to develop open source software – Java 76%
  • Apache Tomcat continues to be the most popular application server, followed by JBOSS
  • Android and Apple iOS are the dominant mobile operating system targeted by open source developers
  • Corporate policies continue to become more positive towards development and use of open source

Peter Groen, Senior Editor, Open Health News (OHN)