The ITDotHealth Conference

John Halamka | Life As A Healthcare CIO | September 11, 2012

Today, I participated in the ITDotHealth Conference in Boston, discussing one simple question with a selection of the nation's EHR and PHR experts :

How we can best innovate/change our EHRs while also operating them to transact daily patient care? Here's what I suggested:

1.  Federal

Meaningful Use Stage 3 is likely to include bidirectional exchange between patients and providers to ensure patient generated data is incorporated into EHRs.  It's also likely to include federated query capability (see Query Health for details) supporting quality measures, population management, and public health.    Meaningful Use Stage 2 requires many core interoperability features including 1) specific implementation guides for content, vocabulary, and transmission standards supporting transition of care exchanges among different vendor products 2) patient view/access/download/transmit and 3) ability to export summary records to aid in migration from one EHR to another. [...]