A Buffet Of Health Data

Aman Bhandari | HealthData.gov | September 18, 2012

Hundreds of codeathons are held throughout this country every year resulting in the development of innovative applications, like the “Like” button on Facebook, or solutions to critical social and health problems, like childhood obesity.

Four codeathons are coming up that are focused on creating solutions in health care that you should check out.. [...]

The Department of Health and Human Services is interested in the development of innovative applications and solving critical social and health problems, and to help you optimize the opportunity you have to solve some of the most critical health issues this country faces we have developed HealthData.gov.  Healthdata.gov is populated with resources for developers, entrepreneurs and people who just want to play around with health data. On HealthData.gov there are over 300 datasets listed  which include everything from the FDA adverse events reporting database to information on over 120,000 clinical trials to Head Start locations nationwide to the Health Indicators Warehouse. [...]