NIST Funds Secure Online Healthcare Transactions Pilot

Mary Mosquera | Government Health IT | September 21, 2012

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has awarded $9 million in grants to five collaborative groups, including one for healthcare exchange, to demonstrate how online transactions can be secure and private as part of the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace.

Resilient Network Systems Inc., which received $2 million for healthcare and education pilots, is developing a trust network built around encryption technology to deliver multi-factor, on-demand identity proofing and authentication, according to a Sept. 20 NIST announcement. The trust network connects users to reusable trust services from third parties.

Resilient will partner with the American Medical Association, Aetna, the American College of Cardiology, ActiveHealth Management, Medicity, LexisNexis, NaviNet, the San Diego Beacon eHealth Community, Gorge Health Connect, the Kantara Initiative and the National eHealth Collaborative...