AMGA Defines High-Performing Health Systems

Diana Manos | Healthcare IT News | October 4, 2012

The American Medical Group Association (AMGA) announced Thursday its definition of high-performing health systems. Leaders of the trade association said they issued the definition to educate legislators and the public about the need for meaningful change to improve patient care.

AMGA officials said the definition is the result of extensive work by AMGA member-driven work groups, the AMGA Public Policy Committee, and the AMGA Board of Directors.

“As health reform continues in the public and private sectors across the nation, we’ve seen a lot of confusion about what constitutes a ‘high-performing health system,’ and why these systems should be incentivized,” said Donald W. Fisher, AMGA president and chief executive officer. “Because our members are on the cutting edge of healthcare quality and innovation, AMGA believed it was imperative that we assume a leadership position in defining a high-performing health system to educate legislators, insurers, and the public.”