DSS hands open source search tool over to OSEHRA

Mike Millard | Healthcare IT News | October 16, 2012

Document Storage Systems has released to the Open Source Electronic Health Record Agent an open source tool that enables clinicians who use the VistA EHR to search a patient's record for free text data that might otherwise be scattered throughout the chart. Published via the Apache 2.0 Open Source license, DSS' Patient Search Tool and Launcher were developed as part of the Veterans Affairs Innovation Initiative (VAi2) in collaboration with the North Florida/South Georgia VAMC in Gainesville, Fla...

The DSS Patient Search Tool is a VistA EHR extension to the Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS) that aims to solve a major problem for clinicians by allowing them to identify and isolate text data within a patient’s record in real time, DSS officials note.

Discrete and free text data buried deep in the patient’s notes, orders, problems and medications take valuable clinical time and effort, but the DSS Patient Search Tool can retrieve this information in moments – a boon for enhancing patient-centered care, say officials. Without the DSS Patient Search Tool, the information stored in a patient record as free text can be difficult to find or missed entirely as patients are seen over a period of time. The launcher will enable CPRS to seamlessly run the Patient Search Tool within a patient record.