FrontlineSMSat7: Your Health Is In Your Hands

Sila Kisoso | FrontlineSMS | November 6, 2012

In the fifth of our seven blog posts celebrating the month that FrontlineSMS turns 7, Sila Kisoso, our Community Support Manager, shares her first inspiring encounter with FrontlineSMS – at her previous role with the Innovations for Poverty Action Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (IPA-WASH) Benefits Project in rural Kenya. 

‘I have the privilege of interacting with a vibrant community of people using FrontlineSMS in ways that are impacting people’s lives, communities and countries. For me, every day is inspiring.

‘The first time I heard about FrontlineSMS, I was working for the Innovations for Poverty Action WASH Benefits project – this was before I joined FrontlineSMS in June this year. IPA-WASH are using FrontlineSMS to support health education among community health promoters in rural Kenya, where many mothers believe that chronic diarrhea is a normal teething stage for infants and toddlers. In many instances, children do not live past this age and if they do, they will experience stunted growth, with long-term effects on their development...