Open-Source Maps Of California’s Emergency Medical Agencies

Ben Welsh | Los Angeles Times | December 21, 2012

The Times releases map files in SHP, JSON, KML formats

The [Los Angeles] Times is releasing free and open-source files that map out the boundaries of the regional agencies that regulate emergency medical services in California. The release coincides with a Times investigation published Friday that found that outdated technology has frustrated efforts by state officials to measure how well local agencies perform emergency rescues.

A total of 32 regional agencies regulate the emergency medical services delivered by local fire departments and ambulance firms. Many of California's 58 counties, including Los Angeles County, have their own agency, but some smaller counties have banded with others to form regional groups such as the Sierra-Sacramento Valley Emergency Medical Services Agency.

The Times was unable to find an electronic map file that included the boundaries of these groups, so we made our own by modifying pre-existing maps of California counties. We are releasing those files today in SHP, KML and JSON formats. You can download them here...