Open Compute Summit: New Members, Technologies

Chris Talbot | Talkin' Cloud | January 18, 2013

The Open Compute Project, backed by Facebook (NASDAQ: FB), is gaining momentum, as evidenced by the increasing attendance at the Open Compute Summit. This week, the summit attracted more than 1,900 attendees that were interested in checking out the latest and greatest in Open Compute Project technologies, innovations and products. There has been a bit of buzz about some of the innovations unveiled at the show, and this can only mean good things for the open source cloud computing market.

Some of the interesting launches at the conference included a new rack design from Quanta in partnership with Intel (NASDAQ: INTC). The rack design will use silicon photonics when it is completed to increase the speed of communication between rack components. Fusion-io also announced ioScale, which will provide 3.2TB of memory capacity at $3.89 per Gigabyte...