GPSoC Vendors Taking Steps In The Right Direction….

Rob Dyke | The openGPSoC Project | January 19, 2013

EHI are reporting that Microtest and TPP have signed up to the MIG/Healthcare Gateway project, joining EMIS, INPS and Adastra in enabling the sharing of data between healthcare professionals. Good to see that all five vendors can play nicely together to improve data exchanges in the healthcare information economy.

Here are a few links: the EHI article; the TPP press release; the announcement from Healthcare Gateway.

Let’s look at this step in a bit more detail. As I understand the requirements of GPSoC Level 0, ‘Compliant Systems’ MUST “support the receipt of 6 types of CDA document over DTS, TMS or using ITK messaging standards and to be able to send the generic (non-coded) CDA document with an embedded attachment over at least one transport channel.”. [...]