Why Tizen Will Be A Game-Changer

Jared Weiner | LinuxGismos.com | March 20, 2013

In this guest column, Jared Weiner, an analyst at VDC Research, presents four reasons why he believes Samsung’s first Tizen-based smartphone, expected to arrive this summer, is likely to be a game-changer.

4 Reasons Tizen is Bad News for Android
by Jared Weiner

bada. LiMo. Maemo. Moblin. MeeGo. At one time or another, these Linux-based mobile platforms were expected to have a significant impact on the smartphone market. In each case, however, potential and promise never became reality. Some were abandoned, some were merged. Partner organizations came and went. OEMs changed course. I’m not sure Apple or Google even noticed, let alone cared.

Tizen, however, will be different. With Samsung set to unveil its first Tizen-based handset sometime this summer, here are four reasons it will be a game-changer: