How To Avoid EHR Backlash In The Patient Experience, Clinic

Robert Green | EHR Intelligence | May 28, 2013

The term “EHR backlash” has been used recently to describe the challenges and feelings that physicians associate with their EHR adoptions. It has even reached the point of having its own hashtag on Twitter, #EHRBacklash, with plenty of interest to draw even more attention. There is no question that the ongoing use and development of EHR has seen its fair share of bumps and even some roadblocks within the clinic. However, the term “backlash” may not be the word that best fits the current discourse of EHR among stakeholders in the community of care.

A key aspect of this EHR discourse must include physician alignment. It’s a conversation that has as much to do with a defined continuum of care as it does caveat emptor in committing to an EHR vendor and system. The continuum is changing for the benefit of both healthcare organizations and patients.