Couchbase 2.1 Improves Open Source NoSQL Database Health

Sean Michael Kerner | Database Journal | June 28, 2013

Couchbase Inc is out this week with a new release of its namesake open source NoSQL database technology.

The new Couchbase 2.1 release builds on the improvements that first landed with the Couchbase 2.0 release in December 2012.

"Couchbase 2.0 was a huge release for us, and with that release we became a document database and we added cross data center replication, " Couchbase CEO Bob Weiderhold told Database Journal. "A lot of this release is about refining capabilities that we first delivered in the 2.0 release."

Rahim Yaseen, senior vice president of product development, explained that one of the key refinements comes by way of improvements in the caching tier of Couchbase. Couchbase is no stranger to caching and since its inception has integrated the memcached caching technology. [...]