West Virginia REC Program Reaching Key Milestones

Editor | WVRHITEC Newsletter | July 23, 2013

As part of its ongoing mission to assist the state’s health care community with health information technology matters, the West Virginia Regional HIT Extension Center (WVRHITEC) has accomplished the following:

  • Assisted nearly 1,600 providers in the state of West Virginia, with a 75% success rate of Meaningful Use attestation to date;
  • Helped bring in $130 million incentive dollars (as of June 2013) to providers throughout the state;
  • Helping more than 95% of FQHCs and Rural Health Clinics throughout the state of West Virginia;
  • Working collaboratively with the state’s health information exchange project, which so far has resulted in 650 providers engaging with direct messaging to improve provider-to-provider secure communications; and
  • Reaching out to other providers, such as specialists, to introduce them and assist them to the benefits of health information technology adoption and use.

For information on how the WVRHITEC’s experienced, independent staff can assist your practice with EHR/HIT needs or fulfill privacy & security requirements, please contact 1-877-775-7535 or go to www.wvrhitec.org