FrontlineCloud: Now With Twilio! Our September Release Notes

Trevor Knoblich | FrontlineCloud | September 25, 2013

Every few weeks, as we release new improvements and features, we’ll let you know on this blog about all of the updates to FrontlineCloud. If you’re curious about our development process, you can read my colleague Sitati’s excellent blog post on the subject, Our Brand of ‘Agile’.

Along with bug fixes, language tweaks, and stability improvements, we are pleased to announced some very exciting new features for FrontlineCloud users … and only a few weeks after our open beta launch!

Now With Twilio

Twilio is a widely-used SMS gateway and aggregator service in the United States. The company has been in the news a lot lately for their recent successful venture capital raise, and their conference last week.  Many of our users have Twilio accounts, or would like to use one in conjunction with FrontlineCloud. [...]