A Bit More About FrontlineCloud: Announcing A New Blog Post Series

Laura Walker Hudson | FrontlineCloud | October 16, 2013

FrontlineCloud has been out in beta for just over a month, and we’re proud to have over 450 users signed up already, sending and receiving thousands of messages. The newest addition to the Frontline product set has had an incredibly warm and supportive reception on social media and in the many lovely emails we’ve received from friends, users and donors. To everyone who has retweeted, liked, emailed and signed up to look around, a huge thank you.

This seemed like a good moment to expand on some of the ideas in Sean’s post from launch day, about how Cloud fits into our vision and worldview. So, we’ll offer a series of posts about various aspects of the project, explaining how putting the flexibility and power of FrontlineSMS on the web isn’t a departure from our values and mission – it’s critical to them. This one just tries to set the stage a bit, and give you an idea of what’s coming.

The future of FrontlineSMS

Amid the positive feedback, we’ve had a few questions, too. In particular, many of you wanted to check that our much-loved desktop platform, FrontlineSMS, would continue to be supported. For those still wondering, the answer is yes! We will always work to keep FrontlineSMS free and open source, and in fact we’re working on a new release before the end of the year.