Oracle attacks Open Source; says community developed code is inferior

Swapnil Bhartiya | Muktware | October 15, 2013

Oracle has a love hate relationship with Open Source technologies. While by acquiring Sun Microsystem Oracle became one of the significant Open Source players. However the way company handled core Open Source projects (OpenOffice and MySQL) they failed to earn any respect from the Free Software community. Then Oracle attacked Android with its Java and failed miserably – losing any respect that was left.

At the same time Oracle is known as one of the most ruthless companies which sells their services at extremely high cost. Recently the company was sued by the US government for overcharging (meaning taxpayers overpaid for Oracle products).

Now the company is busy spreading non-sense against Open Source use by government. Oracle has published a paper in which it regurgitates the rhetorical that one can expect from proprietary companies. Oracle claims that TCO (total cost of ownership) goes up with the use of Open Source technologies, basically to build a case of selling its own over priced products to the government.

Open Health News' Take: 

I guess this just shows what Oracle thinks about the open source community as whole. Pitiful that Oracle has to stoop to this low and poor form.  I would personally suggest migrating away from MySQL to its parallel forked project, MariaDB as a good start for a stable OSS relationship and implementation.

Crawford Rainwater, Blogger @ Open Health News and CEO & President, The Linux ETC Company