Firefox OS Is Now on Smartphones

Michael Blain | Las Vegas Guardian Express | October 23, 2013

Firefox has been the longstanding preference of tech savvy users for web browsing for the better part of a decade now.  Created by Mozilla, the Firefox OS is a natural extension of their mobile desktop and browsing interfaces, and now, thanks to LG, will be the gears and bolts now powering their new line of smartphones.

The thing that has always set the Firefox programming aside from the competitors is the speed and lack of unnecessary clutter that seemed to be associated with so many other types of software.  Internet Explorer crushed Netscape into submission many years ago, but has always remained notoriously slow, almost harkening back to the days of America Online’s outrageous web browsing speeds when high speed internet was not readily available.  After Mozilla released Firefox, people switched in droves to a new web browser that they were not only satisfied with, but had no qualms about boasting and sharing its excellence with each and every one of their friends.  Firefox seemed to more easily prevent pop ups and always seemed to provide a faster and cleaner browsing experience than anything else out there.