Three Technology Trends Driving Big Changes For Federal Managers

Katherine McIntire Peters | Nextgov | November 4, 2013

The bungled rollout of has created a crisis of confidence in government’s ability to execute technologically complex undertakings. Nevermind the human genome project, NASAs exploration of Mars or a host of other breakthrough initiatives, the collateral damage inflicted by the malfunctioning insurance exchange has politicians, taxpayers and even federal employees questioning whether agencies can operate effectively in a digital world.

There’s no better place to dig into those concerns than at Nextgov Prime, our annual conference on technology and the future of government. We’ve tapped an outstanding line-up of speakers inside and outside government to discuss the range of challenges federal leaders and managers face when it comes to implementing tech programs. The conference is Nov. 20-21 in Washington and registration is free for federal employees. Among other things (like recognizing our Bold Award finalists and winners), we’ll be exploring the following trends: