Are You Ready to Be The Agency Of The Future? GovLoop's Latest Report Explores Open Source Technology

Pat Fiorenza | GovLoop | November 14, 2013

A new paradigm – the shared economy – has emerged and reshaped business practices, governments and our private lives. This shared economy has affected society in dozens of ways: We share bikes, cars, nannies, skills and even our homes. Crowdsourced services are changing our social fabric and altering how we share knowledge. As a result, we must ask ourselves this question: If we are so committed to the power of sharing in our private lives, why not do the same with software in our agencies?

Through GovLoop’s research initiatives to define the “agency of the future,” we have consistently found one important trend in government: open-source technology. Open source holds great potential to reimagine business processes and how services are delivered in the public sector. Government agencies have used open-source solutions in a variety of ways, including powering websites and running internal communications platforms. We’ve seen how agencies can tailor open-source solutions to fit organizational needs.