LibreOffice 4.1 vs. Microsoft Office 2013 Complete Comparison, LibreOffice Is Winning

Silviu Stahie BLOG | Softpedia | December 10, 2013

A complete comparison between LibreOffice 4.1 and Microsoft Office 2013 has surfaced and demonstrates the similarities and features of both products.

Among the best features of LibreOffice that have no real correspondent in the Microsoft product there is a portable version that runs on USB flash disks (without installation), it’s open source, has full integration of all office components, and it’s completely free of charge.

Open Health News' Take: 

I like that last line "completely free of charge" portion.  An office suite (e.g., word processing, spreadsheet, slide presentation) that practically most computer users use on a frequent $0 cost.  Then again, I have been using LibreOffice (and OpenOffice before "the fork") for quite some time and have not looked back since.

Crawford Rainwater, Blogger @ Open Health News and CEO & President, The Linux ETC Company.