Discussion Flows At YourTurn Sessions

Mike Miliard | Healthcare IT News | February 25, 2014

Fittingly, Shahid Shah began his YourTurn@HIMSS14 session with a show of hands.

New this year at the 2014 HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition, YourTurn has a democratic spirit. It's a collaborative series of free-flowing 45-minute forums where hosts and attendees are on equal footing: How the conversation unspools is left entirely to how the audience directs it.

The slate of discussions on Tuesday – from patient ID to EHR usability to telemedicine – was drawn from ideas submitted by conference attendees. The topics were chosen based on how much audience interest was anticipated.

Shah, known by many as the ‘The Healthcare IT Guy’, is a software engineer whose topic, "Developer Platforms for Next Generation Healthcare Apps," was meant as a "somewhat geeky, somewhat technical" colloquy, he said.