No Longer Why Open Source, But How To Do Open Source

Mark Hinkle | Open Source Delivers | May 7, 2014

Fifteen years ago I spent a good deal of my time evangelizing open source software. I was an advocate in for emerging software like Linux and the rest of the LAMP (Apache, MySQL, PHP) for web applications. Over time I was quick to jump on the Linux server and desktop, JBoss, MySQL and Zimbra bandwagons. Conservative IT managers asked questions about IP assurance and enterprise scalability. Those days are mostly gone. Today I spend more time educating perspective open source participants on how they can leverage open source to reduce development costs, improve operational efficiency and drive customization for their own purposes.

Open Source a Clear Leader Data Center to Handset

The difference is clear. Today the catalog of battle-proven software is much larger.  Linux for one has been the stalwart, owning the data center for high performance computing and web-scale apps. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Server Tracker Linux server demand is growing.

Linux server demand was positively impacted by high performance computing (HPC) and cloud infrastructure deployments, as hardware revenue improved 12.7% year over year in 4Q12 to $3.0 billion. Linux servers now represent 20.4% of all server revenue, up 1.7 points when compared with the fourth quarter of 2011...