Rotten To The Core: Apple Stole The Idea And Name For Their New HealthKit App From Us, Claim Australian Tech Designers

Daniel Mills | Mail Online | June 4, 2014

...An Australian start-up company is considering launching legal action against US tech giant Apple, alleging it stole the name it trades under for a mobile app.

The company with two owners and a small headquarters in Melbourne, is but a speck in the market when it comes to a company like Apple, but it appears they liked the Australian brand so much 'They have used our name and launched a new product called HealthKit,' company co-founder Alison Hardacre said.

Ms Hardacre's fury boiled over on Tuesday morning when she woke just after 4.30am to emails informing her that one of the world's biggest companies had stolen her business name. HealthKit is the name she and co-founder Lachlan Wheeler launched back in 2012, two years before Apple launched its software application at Silicon Valley, California on Tuesday. It has just themselves, a few application designers and some investors in its minnow operations compared to the US conglomerate...