Open Source Persistence: Resistance Is Futile

Jack M. Germain | Linux Insider | June 9, 2014

Managing open source code in the enterprise takes a willingness and a process. Typically, one or both are easily swept under the corporate rug. "I think most enterprises have all sorts of open source code running through their programs. I think some are even embedded. I think either they don't know about it, or they know about it but do not understand the ramifications," said MongoDB's Matt Assay.

Software developers routinely use open source components to boost productivity and improve the quality of their code. The problem for enterprises is that companies using open source must properly manage it and comply with its licensing, as with any third-party code.

That becomes difficult to do when corporate leaders do not know their computer systems are running open source code. Even licensing compliance becomes an unwieldy threat when the coders themselves have a lackadaisical attitude toward copyrights and licensing requirements.

If you think your company's computer system is insulated from open source because contracts you use or government compliance standards exclude it, think again. Open source is pervasive in both proprietary and open software. Good and bad code is found in both software models...