Twitter Did A Reddit AMA About Open Source. Here Are Some Highlights

Derrick Harris | GIGAOM | April 24, 2014

Here are some highlights from a Reddit Ask Me Anything featuring members of Twitter’s open source engineering team. It’s a pretty informative look at Twitter’s open source culture, the statuses of its various projects and its high hiring standards.

A handful of Twitter employees who work on the company’s open source software projects took to Reddit for an Ask Me Anything on Wednesday. The questions were wide ranging, from questions about specific projects to how to get a job at Twitter. Here are some of the highlights.

On why companies care about open source

“Here are some detailed reasons why to open source code:

  • Community Feedback: more usage translates into more bug reports which improves quality over time
  • Attract Talent: in our opinion, some of the best talent these days works in open source communities