3D-Printed Huts To Revolutionize Home Building In Poor Countries

Staff Writer | RT News | October 17, 2014

An Italian company believes they have come up with an idea that could improve the lives of hundreds of millions. They have developed an easily transportable printer that can build houses out of natural materials, such as mud or clay.  The technology is relatively simple, and was designed by the Italian based company, WASP (World’s Advanced Saving Project), and one of its main attributes is it can be assembled in two hours.

The printer has three arms with a six-meter reach in height. So it can build houses to a much greater height than is usually the case with a mud hut. Another difference is the method of construction, which makes the dwelling much stronger. Instead of using large square blocks, small triangles are used, allowing the house to bear a much greater load.

Another advantage is these shapes dry much faster, making the house inhabitable quicker, while no materials need to be imported: everything required to build a mud house can be found in the build’s vicinity.  The Italian company exhibited at a science fair in Rome earlier in the month. Time and space constraints meant they were unable to create a three meter house there...