Another Blockchain Healthcare Distruptor: Shifting Wealth from Carpetbagging Recruiters to Providers

Cyrus Maaghul | LinkedIn | June 18, 2016

The US healthcare credentialing and recruiting industry is unnecessary. Currently over $16 billion dollars a year flows to intermediaries and the industry is projected to grow at 6% per annum given changing demographics and emerging healthcare policies. These intermediaries or opportunistic carpetbaggers are largely exploiting inefficiencies. If applied properly, the blockchain could potentially displace the need for credentialing and recruiting firms.

Doctors, nurses, and allied health and other healthcare professionals do not own their individual professional "record" or credentials.  Thanks to the blockchain, now for the first time these providers have an opportunity to take back (or self-govern) what is theirs, save the industry billions, and enhance their wealth.

It is time to build a "provider-centered" credentialing, recruiting, and reputation system. The blockchain is exactly what the doctor, PA, or NP should prescribe for themselves.
Healthcare is riddled with hundreds of intermediaries who profit from the inefficiencies in recruitment, employment, credentialing, privileging, and on-boarding.   Verifying credentials, let alone reputation, is a complex process as there is no central source for these services...