OHNews Weekly Summary - 10/12/2013

October 12, 2013 - The following is a brief listing of some of the hot news items, selected news clips, feature stories, calendar events, and blogs posted on Open Health News (OHNews) over the past week that we believe will be of interest to our readers across the U.S. and around the world.

Two of the key themes dominating the news this week involved:  (1) Startup of the 'open' Health Insurance Exchanges (HIX) in the U.S. as the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, moves into the next stage of nationwide implementation; and (2) the impacts of the continuing U.S. Government shutdown on citizens and organizations across both the public and private sector.

Roger Maduro
Publisher & Managing Editor, Open Health News



OHNews-News & Blog Posts
State-wide Health Information Exchange (HIE) Implementation Activities
DoD Request for Information and Vendor Demos of EHR Systems
Upcoming Conference on Integrative Medicine & Health Information Technology
Oroville Hospital’s Scheduler: the winning technology
An Updated 2013 List of 'Open Source' Electronic Health Record (EHR) Systems

Selected News Clips
How to get a job in healthcare IT
Federal Shutdown: We Miss Our Data
CDC Unable To Conduct Lab, Detection Work On Salmonella Outbreak
Quality Systems Inc. releases Mirth Connect 3.0 Open Source Healthcare Integration Engine
In Massachusetts, You Can Now Get Prices For Health Care In Advance
Uninsured in U.S. Find More Success via Health Insurance Exchanges (HIX) Run by States
Why the Healthcare.gov Launch of Obamacare Was Doomed To Fail
DoD gives glimpse of imminent EHR procurement expectations
Infographic: Patients Want Access To Their Electronic Medical Records
Health Insurance Marketplace Plans Vary Widely in Price

Calendar of Upcoming Events
VISTA Academy & Expo 2013
Open Access Week 2013
Open Source Developers Conference 2013
LinuxCon Europe 2013
AHIMA Convention & Exhibition 2013
Games For Health Europe 2013
Open Data Institute Annual Summit 2013