Facebook Adapts Open Compute For Colo Space

Rich Miller | Data Center Knowledge | October 25, 2012

We’ve been closely tracking the progress of the Open Compute Project, wondering if these uber-efficient open source hardware designs would ever be available at your local colocation center. Facebook has now shared details of its first use of Open Compute hardware in its third-party colo space.

The Open Compute Project (OCP) was launched in April 2011 to publish data center designs developed by Facebook for its Prineville, Oregon data center, as well as the company’s custom designs for servers, power supplies and UPS units. The move was seen as a welcome departure from the historic secrecy surrounding data center design and operations. But Facebook’s energy-saving customizations provide challenges in multi-tenant facilities.

Facebook has now adapted Open Compute servers in leased data center space in Ashburn, Virginia, and is sharing the details. The process took about three months, and focused on hacking the racks...