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OMICS Group International Launches Its First Mobile App

Press Release | OMICS Group International | October 8, 2013

OMICS Group International, unveils its mobile application (app) today. Users can search, browse, read and bookmark full text content from over 300 peer reviewed OMICS Group journals and latest updates on conferences organized by OMICS Group. OMICS App is available free of charge and can be downloaded from the Google play store. Read More »

On Monographs, Libraries And Blogging: A Conversation With Duke University Press, Part One

Adeline Koh | Chronicle of Higher Education | April 9, 2013

This is part 1 of the ninth interview in a series, Digital Challenges to Academic Publishing, by Adeline Koh. Each article in this series features an interview with an academic publisher, press or journal editor on how their organization is changing in response to the digital world. Read More »

Open Access 2.0: Access To Scholarly Publications Moves To A New Phase

Joseph Esposito | The Scholarly Kitchen | February 20, 2013

What publishing does well — traditional publishing, that is, where you pay for what you read, whether in print or online — is command attention. This is not a trivial matter in a world that seemingly generates more and more information effortlessly, but still has the poor reader stuck with something close to the Biblical lifespan of three score and ten and a clock that stubbornly insists that a day is 24 hours and no more... Read More »

Open Access Aids Science Research

Staff Writer | Jim Sensenbrenner | April 16, 2013

No one likes paying for the same thing twice. This holds true for federally funded scientific research. For years, scholarly journals have relied on taxpayers paying for research on the front end and access to the results on the back. It is past time to embrace an open access policy for scientific research. Read More »

Open Access And The Duty Of Higher Education

Trent M. Kays | Huffington Post | November 9, 2012

I think we all agree higher education is far too expensive. One could even argue that ...higher education's current model is unsustainable. It's broken, and it's a hoarder. Higher education doesn't hoard typical items, yet the entire institution of higher education should be on A&E's television show Hoarders. Read More »

Open Access And The Looming Crisis In Science

Björn Brembs | The Conversation | July 8, 2013

This article on the open access and science by Björn Brembs is part of a series marking the launch of The Conversation in the UK. Our foundation essays are longer than our usual comment and analysis articles and take a wider look at key issues affecting society. Read More »

Open Access Explained

Anna Goldstein | Berkeley Science Review | April 4, 2013

The conversation about scientific publishing has exploded lately, online, in print and in person. Last week, the journal Nature released a special issue called The future of publishing. Also last week, Michael Eisen [...] posted a speech he gave on the past and projected future of scholarly communication in the age of the Internet. I want to start there, because his remarks were thorough and persuasive, and they inspired me to think differently about the issue... Read More »

Open Access Pitch For Life Science Elite

Bernard Lane | The Australian | December 22, 2012

BETTER models of proteins, the mathematics of malaria, and an enzyme that detects foreign DNA are among the first contents of a new life sciences journal that marks another chapter in the open access story. Read More »

Open Access Spreads

Ry Rivard | Inside Higher Ed | April 29, 2013

A bill in the California legislature would require state-funded research to be made public free of charge within a year of its publication. Read More »

Open Access To Scientific Research Can Save Lives

Peter Suber and Darius Cuplinskas | The Chronicle | December 3, 2012

This year a high-school student in Maryland announced that he had invented a diagnostic test for pancreatic cancer. The test costs three cents per use. It works 168 times as fast and more than 400 times as accurately as the best previously existing test. It also may be able to detect ovarian and lung cancers. Read More »

Open Access Week At University Of Kashmir

Allama Iqbal Library | Open Access Week | December 26, 2012

Allama Iqbal Library, University of Kashmir organized a “one day seminar on Open Access Resources” on 18th December, 2012 to create greater understanding about the benefits of Open Access Resources in scholarly communication and to highlight different Open Access Resources in various subject fields. Read More »

Open Access: A Response To Sean Guillory

Joshua Sanborn | Russian History Blog | January 15, 2013

My most recent blog post (on MOOCs) dealt with digital teaching. Less than a week after it appeared, Sean Guillory wrote an important piece on Sean’s Russia Blog regarding digital scholarship, to wit, the importance of open access for Russian historians. [...] Read More »

Open Access: Credit Where Credit Is Due

Bob O'Hara | The Guardian | October 26, 2012

The monetary incentive for author-pays journals is towards accepting as many papers as possible, which obiously conflicts with the reputational incentive of only accepting "good" papers Read More »

Open Library of Humanities Launched

Press Release | Open Library of Humanities (OLH) | January 15, 2013

We are establishing a company structure for a non-profit organisation called Open Library of Humanities (OLH). This will be an open access “megajournal” in the style of the US-run Public Library of Science [...]; which will publish thoroughly peer reviewed humanities and social science research under Open Access conditions at a financially fair rate. Read More »

Open Scholarship On The Rise

Andrew Rusk | The Varsity | October 26, 2009

The open source approach has permeated even the dusty corners of academia. Open scholarship is a growing movement to make academic research publicly accessible, instead of tucked away in journals that are only available by subscription. Read More »