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UC Now Paying For Open Access!

Staff Writer | The NIF Blog | October 30, 2012

Hot off the press, from the desk of the Chancellor we just received a note about open access publishing that I would like to celebrate and share. Read More »

Unintentional Benefits Of Open Access: The Broader Impact Of Making Publications Free

Atif Kukaswadia | | December 10, 2012

[...] But now we’ve moved into a world where everything is done electronically. Through the power of PubMed, Google Scholar and numerous others, you can obtain PDFs of many articles via your institution. And now, many of those articles are available under Open Access rules – so anyone can access them, regardless of academic affiliation. [...] Read More »

Universities 'Get Poor Value' From Academic Journal-Publishing Firms

Ian Sample | The Guardian | June 16, 2014

Research finds secrecy over contracts has stopped some institutions realising they are paying too much for journals

Read More »

University Of California To Open Its Research Vaults, For Free

Joe McKendrick | SmartPlanet | August 13, 2013

The University of California has open-sourced all future research articles authored by faculty at all of its 10 campuses. The articles will be made available to the public at no charge. Read More »

Wiley Launches New Open Access Journal: Immunity, Inflammation And Disease

Press Release | Wiley, Wiley Open Access | March 4, 2013

John Wiley & Sons, Inc., announced today the launch of a new open access, interdisciplinary journal providing rapid publication of cutting-edge research across the broad field of immunology. Read More »

Worldwide Open Access Week

Karyn Hinkle | BGC Library Blog | November 5, 2012

Just as Hurricane Sandy headed for New York, Worldwide Open Access Week was observed in the last week of October. Read More »