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OSEHRA 2015: Summit Sponsors for Open Source Summit Announced

Press Release | OSEHRA | July 27, 2015

The Open Source Electronic Health Record Alliance (OSEHRA) is excited to announce the confirmed sponsors for the 2015 Open Source Summit: Community-Powered Healthcare IT Solutions to be held July 29-31 at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel and Conference Center in Bethesda, Maryland. Sponsors for the 4th Annual Summit include...

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OSEHRA 2017 Leadership Award Recipients Announced

Press Release | OSEHRA | June 30, 2017

The Open Source Electronic Health Record Alliance (OSEHRA) is pleased to announce this year’s OSEHRA Leadership Award winners. Numerous individuals were nominated this year and three were chosen through a vote by the OSEHRA community based on their outstanding achievements in health information technology and innovative health care. They were honored in a special ceremony during the 6th Annual OSEHRA Open Source Summit June 13-15, 2017 in Bethesda, MD...

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OSEHRA 2018 Leadership Award Recipients Recognized

Press Release | OSEHRA | August 1, 2018

OSEHRA recently announced this year’s 2018 Leadership Award recipients during our 7th Annual Open Source Summit. The OSEHRA community chose to honor four distinguished individuals based on their outstanding achievements in health information technology and contributions to innovative health care. Awardees were selected via a community nomination and election process. We would like to extend a thank you to the 2018 Awards Committee for its due diligence and commitment to the community. The Committee was co-chaired by Dr. Jack Taylor of InforMD, Inc. and Keith McCall of KRM Associates, Inc.

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OSEHRA 2019 Summit in Washington to Examine Next Steps for Open Health

The Open Source Electronic Health Record Alliance (OSEHRA) will be holding its 8th Annual Open Source Summit at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel and Conference Center. The theme of this year's two-day Summit is "Open SaaS - Open Source in the Cloud," this year's two-day Summit will showcase leading-edge, open source initiatives and highlight the increasing level of public-private partnership in major programs and agencies. Open source software has become key to both implementation and interoperability as more and more programs opt for cloud-based solutions and software-as-a-service delivery models. This Summit will address ways to optimize open source utilization and community involvement in this new playing field.

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ParaView in Immersive Environments

Aashish Chaudbury, Bill Sherman, and Nikhil Shetty | Kitware Blog | April 20, 2012

ParaView is a community based, multi-platform, open-source data analysis and visualization tool that scales from laptop to high performance supercomputers. ParaView has gained immense popularity amongst the scientific community as a universal visualization system. Early on we decided to integrate support for immersive environments directly into ParaView, rather than linking to an external library.  We felt that there were sufficient components in ParaView’s design that could be extended to support immersive rendering and interactions, and that limiting dependencies would make our efforts more impactful and sustainable for the long term.

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Peering into Complex, Tiny Structures with 3D Analysis Tool Tomviz

New open source software tomviz—short for tomographic visualization—enables researchers to interactively understand large 3D datasets. More specifically, the software analyzes 3D tomographic data similar to a medical CT-scan but at the nanoscale. "When you can take a nanoparticle or biomolecule and spin it around, slice it, look inside it, and quantitatively analyze it, you get a complete picture from all angles," says Yi Jiang, a physics Ph.D. candidate at Cornell University. Watch this 3-minute video from the Michigan Engineering department....

Point Cloud Library Plugin Ready for ParaView

Staff Writer | Kitware | July 16, 2012

On the Point Clould Library (PCL) site, they recently announced the release of the source code of the PCL plugin for ParaView. The Point Clould Library is an open-source project for 2D and 3D image and point cloud processing. With the PCL plugin, developed by Kitware, ParaView users can access the PCL algorithms from within ParaView. Read More »

Slicer 4.0 Now Available

Stephen Aylward, Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin, and Julien Finet | Kitware Blog | December 8, 2011

Kitware is pleased to announce the availability of Slicer 4.0 binaries on the Slicer download page. Spearheaded at Kitware by Julien Finet and Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin, Slicer 4.0 is a major new release in the 3D Slicer series where improvements to performance, robustness, and usability have been key. Read More »

Software Forethought

Will Schroeder | Kitware Blog | November 3, 2011

Here's an all too common scenario. A bunch of really smart scientists and medical researchers get together. They envision a research program of unprecedented scale. They obtain funding, tens to hundreds of millions of dollars, from academic, commercial, non-profit enterprises, and from investors and philanthropists. The plans are drawn up, brick and mortar is under design and soon to be built! Read More »

SPIE Medical Imaging Conference: Live Demonstrations Workshop

Stephen Aylward | Kitware Blog | January 13, 2012

Kitware is proud to continue its support of the SPIE Medical Imaging Live Demonstrations Workshop for 2012. The goal of this workshop is to provide a forum for systems and algorithms developers to show off their creations. Read More »

State University of New York at Albany Launches VistA EHR Studies Program

The Albany Campus of the State University of New York (SUNY) has launched a new VistA EHR Studies program—the most comprehensive one of its kind in the United States. The program, which began on March 24, provides students the basis to learn and manage VistA’s fast-growing open source electronic health record (EHR) system. The decision to launch the full program follows a successful pilot course taught at the university this past fall. Read More »

Surfing As a Business Model

Will Schroeder | Kitware Blog | October 2, 2010

...In the open-source world, part of the broader peer production movement, analogous situations occur. As we all know communities collaborate to create some form of "gift", which in our case is a useful piece of software. These systems are created for a variety of reasons including commercial (make money, develop a reputation), altruistic (benefit society, foster open science, help fellow developers), practical (scalable software process, ease of collaboration) and fun (community engagement, personal growth). Read More »

SysFera and Kitware Partner to Integrate HPC Technologies For Improved Scientific Data Analysis

Press Release | Kitware , SysFera | October 21, 2014

SysFera, a software innovator that simplifies management and accessibility of high performance computing (HPC) environments, and Kitware, a leading R&D software provider for scientific data analysis and visualization, announced today that they are integrating their two core products...

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Telescope Makers, Telescope Users

Will Schroeder | Kitware Blog | March 28, 2011

Okay science aficionados and practitioners let me ask you a simple question: Who's more important, the telescope maker or the telescope user? Is it the person who discovers the astronomical body or the person who enables the discovery?

Let me take a radical stance: they are equally important. Read More »

The Insight Journal 3.0

Julien Jomier and Charles Marion | Kitware Blog | September 26, 2011

Kitware’s data publishing team is pleased to announce the release of a new major version the Insight Journal. The Insight Journal is an open access journal covering scientific domains from visualization to image computing. Since its launch in 2006, the Insight Journal (IJ) has become a central resource for scientific developers around the world. Read More »