Microsoft Open Technologies (MS Open Tech)

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Microsoft Might Finally Be Committing To Open Source

Nikhil Sonnad | Quartz | July 23, 2014

Microsoft is known for keeping its programming secrets to itself. But under CEO Satya Nadella, the maker of proprietary behemoths like Windows and Microsoft Office is starting to show up in the world of open-source software, whose code is public for anyone to see, borrow from and tinker with...

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Microsoft Open-Sources Reactive Extensions Programming Model

Darryl K. Taft | eWeek | November 7, 2012

Microsoft Open Technologies announced that it is open-sourcing Reactive Extensions, an asynchronous programming model for the cloud. Read More »

MS Open Tech Cures Asynchronous Spaghetti Code Disease

Adrian Bridgwater | Dr.Dobb's | November 8, 2012

Open sourcing of Reactive Extensions (Rx) to provide a common interface for cloud apps managing data from diverse sources Read More »

Open Door Policy: MS Open Tech’s Gianugo Rabellino On Managing Open Source Projects At Microsoft

Tara Grumm | [email protected] | January 13, 2014

Gianugo Rabellino is the Senior Director of Open Source Communities at [MS Open Tech] a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation that is focused on advancing Microsoft’s commitment to openness across the company and throughout the industry. With more than 20 years experience in the open source community, [...] Gianugo chatted with us about his perspective on openness at Microsoft, and what it’s like being an integral part of MS Open Tech. Read More »