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America Must Improve Its Care For Veterans, Says CNAS Expert

Press Release | Center for a New American Security (CNAS) | November 9, 2012

After more than a decade of war, several years of constrained national budgets and a changing veteran population, the second Obama administration must confront how best to uphold its promises to the nation's men and women who serve or have served in uniform. Read More »

America To Health Care: We Want Our Money Back

Erik Steele | Bangor Daily News | May 23, 2013

Last week, for the first time ever, I paid for my health insurance directly out of my bank account; I wrote a check for $1200 to cover our health insurance for the month I am between jobs. For the last 30 years, most of the cost of my family’s health insurance was paid by my employer, and our share was deducted directly from my paycheck. [...] Read More »

Gigantic Run-Up Of Federal Debt For What?

Robert Higgs | The Independent Institute | February 6, 2013

At the end of fiscal year 2008, the federal debt held by the public was about $5.8 trillion. By the end of fiscal year 2012, it had grown to about $11.3 trillion. Thus, in just four years, it had nearly doubled: the government ran up almost as much debt in four years as it had accumulated during the entire previous history of the nation. [...] Read More »

Health Care, Consuming And Politics In America

Steffen Schmidt | | January 5, 2013

We know that escalating healthcare costs are a huge threat to our national solvency, to budget deficits and the national debt. It is the major political issue as we have seen over the battle for and against ObamaCare. It continues to simmer in the form of coming battles over Medicare and Medicaid. Read More »

New bill Aims To Remove Coverage Restrictions Of Telemedicine

Erin McCann | Government Health IT | January 4, 2013

A new bill introduced Sunday in the U.S. House of Representatives that, if passed, would expand telehealth services in Medicare and Medicaid programs has garnered the support of The American Telemedicine Association. Read More »

The Sun Is Setting On Dollar Supremacy, And With It, American Power

Jeremy Warner | The Telegraph | October 14, 2013

A serious alternative to the dollar is still a long way off, but the latest shenanigans on Capitol Hill have given the search for them renewed momentum Read More »