Health Gorilla and the Puerto Rico Department of Health Reach Milestone in Health Information Exchange Network

Press Release | Health Gorilla | July 29, 2021

PALO ALTO, Calif. and SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, July 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Health Gorilla, the largest interoperability provider in Puerto Rico, in conjunction with the Puerto Rico Department of Health (PRDOH), today announced a milestone achievement following the official launch of the Puerto Rico Health Information Exchange (PRHIE) on July 1st. In the one month since go-live, Health Gorilla has successfully connected 25% of Puerto Rico's population to the PRHIE. This innovative project enables healthcare providers to access and share patient medical record data securely and electronically across more than 400 care sites, 4,200 providers, and more than 700,000 patients.

Over the next three years, Health Gorilla will continue to expand the landscape of interoperability throughout Puerto Rico by deploying the full scope of the HIE project in stages, incorporating all healthcare stakeholders in Puerto Rico while ensuring adherence to the 21st Century Cures Act and to the Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA) standards that will go into effect in early 2022.

Alexander QuevedoThe continued development of the PRHIE will be an intensive process that will ultimately connect a complex and diverse ecosystem with 70+ hospitals, 9,000+ active providers, 900+ pharmacies, 900+ laboratories, and 22 Federally Qualified Health Centers which will allow health information to flow seamlessly throughout the island via Health Gorilla - providing its residents with the most comprehensive aggregation of patient data ever compiled in Puerto Rico.

"By making patient health information more readily available to medical professionals, we are improving the quality of patient care that our entire community will receive throughout the island," emphasized Puerto Rico HIT Coordinator, Alexander Quevedo. "We are excited to partner with Health Gorilla as we build out this health information exchange."

The PRDOH team, along with Health Gorilla and its partners, is working with other government agencies, providers, diagnostic laboratories, claims clearinghouses, public registries, and health technology companies to ensure a robust environment for healthcare innovation and patient care in Puerto Rico.

Steve Yaskin"Health Gorilla is thrilled to be selected to build the Puerto Rico HIE solution by the Puerto Rico Department of Health," said Steve Yaskin, CEO and Co-founder of Health Gorilla. "This milestone is a big first step towards bringing the island of Puerto Rico closer to delivering the best care for every patient."

Through the Health Gorilla network, the PRHIE will securely exchange data with national provider organizations, EMRs, hospitals, payers, labs, and patients to improve health outcomes and equity in access to care.

"Health Gorilla is committed to bringing the benefits of interoperability and data aggregation to both patients and providers," said Sergio Wagner, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder of Health Gorilla. "Our new collaboration with the government of Puerto Rico allows us to fulfill our core mission to provide high quality services to patients who need them, and revolutionize the entire healthcare ecosystem of the island through the secure exchange of data."

Through this partnership with the Puerto Rico Department of Health, Health Gorilla has broadened its commitment to advance clinical interoperability efforts throughout the island of Puerto Rico. Over the past several years, Health Gorilla has established a robust series of major partnerships in Puerto Rico, including with Sistema De Salud Menonita, Dorado Health System, E-Health Partners Inc, and Triple-S Salud.

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