OSEHRA 2015: CORAnet Solutions CEO to Address Open Source Summit on the Need for Personal Health Information Exchanges

Press Release | CORAnet | July 27, 2015

July 27, 2015--Bethesda, MD--Cora Alisuag, the CEO of CORAnet Solutions, Inc. will speak on the importance of Mobile Personal Health Information Exchange (PHIE) technologies in providing patients and their caregivers with the critical information needed for their personal care and wellness during the 2015 OSEHRA Open Source Summit taking place in Bethesda, MD July 29 to 31st. Alisuag has been one of the key visionaries who proposed the idea of patients and their family members being able to obtain their personal health records. This concept was embraced by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) under the name of the Blue Button initiative. 

Alisuag’s presentation is part of a roundtable panel, titled “Blue Button and Consumer Health Data Revolution” on Wednesday, July 29th, at the Bethesda Marriott North Hotel and Conference Center in Maryland. The panel discussion, moderated by well-known health IT strategist Marc Wine, will be held from 1:15 p.m.-2:45 p.m. in the hotel’s Forest Glen Room as part of the afternoon session Track One. 

Cora AlisuagThe title of Alisuag’s is “CORAnet Solutions, Exemplary Innovation Delivering the Personal Health Information Exchange (PHIE), and Empowering Patients/Focus on Open Solutions.” Key elements of Alisuag’s presentation were detailed in a recent article published in Open Health News, the news website of the open health community.

According to Alisuag, PHIE’s are the key to solving the health IT interoperability crisis facing the US healthcare system today. She points that that “after spending $1.5 trillion dollars in electronic health records (EHR), healthcare systems in the United States are still unable to provide their patients with copies of their medical records.” Alisuag calls this situation “a disgrace,” and warns that none of the current legislative initiatives being debated in Washington are going to fix this problem. Alisuag points out that “the current EHR solutions that have been implemented are mostly based on pre-internet, mainframe EHR solutions.” These expensive EHRs are not designed to share data.

The solution is far easier than what Congress is contemplating. Even the most obsolete of the EHRs, laboratory software, and even personal medical devices have the capability of using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to transmit a patient’s medical record directly to a PHIE. Alisuag points out that CORAnet can already obtain medical records from the VA’s open source VistA EHR, as well as leading EHR vendor Allscripts. According to Alisuag, “Allscripts has already demonstrated that this can be done, other EHR vendors should follow their lead.”

Marc WineThe CORAnet PHIE platform implements a variety of interoperable, open mobile solutions for the PHR industry. The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC), through White House Fellow Adam Dole, recognized CORAnet as a true Blue Button Connector. Dr. Paul Tibbits, Deputy CIO, Architecture, Strategy & Design, Office of Veterans’ Affairs, credited CORAnet as the foundation of the mobile Blue Button PHR technology. Alisuag has issued patents in the U.S., China and Canada and a patent pending for connecting wearable biometric sensors to the CORAnet platform.

Her company, CORAnet Solutions, is a patient-facing mobile medical information technology company that offers a suite of products designed to assist in the health and well-being of all its subscribing members. It streamlines and brings its members’ disparate medical records for on-demand access and helps manage client health in an emergency and on an ongoing basis. CORAnet Solutions offers two mobile medical record solutions. CORALink is for emergency scenarios and  CORAVault stores users’ comprehensive, personal medical records for 24x7 access at their fingertips.

The OSEHRA Summit, now in its 4th year, has become the leading conference addressing issues of open solutions, open source, collaboration, transparency, and innovation in healthcare information technology. The conference will take place at the Bethesda Marriott North Hotel and Conference Center in Maryland from July 29 to 31st. Keynote speaker at the conference will be Robert A. McDonald, Secretary of the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).
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