Veterans Affairs’ Annual Report Describes Successful ROI, Deployment Of Telemedicine, Telehealth Programs Across U.S.

Press Release | GlobalMed | April 18, 2013

Scottsdale, Arizona-based GlobalMed Deepens Telemedicine Partnership with VA to Help Veterans Living in Rural Areas Receive Quality Healthcare

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Department of Veterans Affairs has released a comprehensive 400-page report that outlines its successes last year in the effort to improve veterans’ access to quality healthcare, including the implementation of an extensive telemedicine program. The report concludes that the use of telemedicine and telehealth has significantly improved veterans’ access to quality healthcare, and quality of life, by reducing the amount of time and travel needed to receive care.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) 2012 Performance and Accountability Report, submitted by Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki in November, discusses the Department’s achievements in improving healthcare and benefits service delivery to veterans. The report, which was addressed to President Barack Obama and Congressional leaders, indicated that in addition to increased access to care and reduced time spent on travel, other key benefits included considerable progress in the VA health system’s workflow and substantial financial savings.

In 2010, GlobalMed’s integrated telemedicine offerings were chosen by the VA to facilitate deployment of multifaceted telemedicine systems throughout its Medical Centers, Community Based Outpatient Clinics and Community Living Centers.

The report states that in 2012, the VA maintained the largest integrated healthcare system in America and implemented “new innovative practices to improve Veterans’ access to health care, such as telemedicine and mobile clinics, to provide care to more than 6 million unique patients.” Throughout 2012, nearly 500,000 veteran patients received 1.4 million telehealth-based consultations, which were delivered from 150 VA Medical Centers and 750 Outpatient Clinics. GlobalMed’s technology is deployed in nearly 1,000 VA locations.

In response to the report, GlobalMed Founder and Managing Director Joel E. Barthelemy stated, “The increase in the amount of care and quality of life realized by our veterans through the Department of Veterans Affairs’ implementation of telemedicine are right in line with the mission of GlobalMed. We believe the VA is ahead of the curve in utilizing the latest technologies to expand access to the best quality care, and is a global leader in disseminating both primary and specialty care to its patient population. The evidence demonstrates this is the case as governments and other providers around the world are beginning to replicate the proven VA model.” Barthelemy added, “As a United Stated Marine Corps Reserve Veteran, it is my sincerest honor to play a part in transforming healthcare delivery, while providing my fellow veterans solutions that enable greater access to care, at a lower cost, all while improving the quality and outcomes of care.”

GlobalMed at ATA 2013

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