OSEHRA's Open API and Open Architecture (OA2) Workgroup Purpose, Goals and Scope

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May 22, 2018 - 3:00pm - 4:00pm

Operational Healthcare IT systems in clinical facilities large and small commonly leverage a mix of Open Source, Commercial and custom built components. As the industry moves from closed monolithic EHRs toward a new era of Open APIs to integrate new applications with legacy systems the effort and risk of integrating those components together will be greatly reduced, but to be fully effective system designers and integrators must have more than a set of independent APIs. They must also have a conceptual architecture that guides the integration of new software with legacy systems via multiple APIs and which promotes standardization and reusability. The Open API and Open Architecture Working Group's (OA2WG) goal is to leverage the new Open API initiatives in the HIT industry, and the OSEHRA community's deep technical and operational knowledge to draft that conceptual HIT Open Architecture, and support efforts to pilot and implement reference implementations of its use.


Thomas Pole
Executive Architect, Healthcare technology, Unisys Federal

Andrea Hopkins
Director – Senior Solution Architect, CGI Federal