'Open Source' Personal Health Record (PHR) System

P. J. Groen | OSEHRA | January 5, 2012

I have been a long time fan and supporter of the My HealtheVet PHR.  It is a great tool, an innovative addition to VistA that was needed to better connect and serve our veterans/patients.  What bothered me was not the functionality, but the extensive use of commercial software packages and vendors to create this solution.  This would be a great area to consider moving to a true open source PHR solution.  There are several out there.

One solution is the My HealtheMountaineer (also known as My HealtheMe) system developed and being deployed in West Virginia. It is open source, standards based, incorporated the functionality of My HealtheVet, and interfaces well with VistA, RPMS, and many other EHR systems.