Announcing Ushahidi Trusted Developers

Heather Leson | Ushahidi | September 24, 2012

We aim to grow and support our community, both developers and users. This is a bit of a juggle with the many moving parts of three software products combined with a global network of people using our software for election monitoring, crisis/emergency response and civil society actions. For recognition, we have a few existing programs for the community and our partners. We’ll be growing these programs and adding a few new ones in the coming months.

First up, I’m delighted to share that we are changing the Trusted Developer program.

Previously we have recognized the significant contributions of John Etherton and Rob Baker as Trusted Developers. We are excited to announce the following additional Trusted Developers for 2012. These developers have lead in the Ushahidi community for over a year. We recommend their work and seek their guidance was we plan the roadmap for Ushahidi 3.0.