AMA Says EHRs Create 'Appalling Catch-22' For Docs - And Just How Many Experts Does It Take To Screw In A Light Bulb, Anyway?

Staff Writer | Health Care Renewal | May 5, 2013

(NOTE:  this post, being about minor matters like death and financial mayhem, is particularly and unusually [even for me] biting and lacking in euphemisms and political correctness.  If you are easily offended and want the latter, and/or believe we all need to be 'nice' about banal issues like patient injury and death, fraud, and other minor matters, click here: and skip the post below.)

You were warned.


At some point, so-called EHR "experts" and pundits need to stop being accommodated for their having ignored years of warnings, complaints, "anecdotes" -a particularly egregious term that comes from those who don't understand risk management, especially academics of the echo chamber-egghead subspecies (link) - and other signs that health IT is not a beneficent, omniscient gift from the Lords of Kobol. (The latter is a pun on the business-IT programming language Cobol, of course.)

Instead, they simply need to be ridiculed for being stupid.