Big Data Impacting Healthcare

Sarah E. Fletcher | EMR & EHR | July 19, 2013

It is generally agreed that bigger is better.  When it comes to data, big data can be a challenge as well as a boon for healthcare.  As Meaningful Use drives electronic documentation and technologies grow to support it, big data is a reality that has to be managed to be meaningful.

Medical databases are becoming petabytes of data from any number of sources covering every aspect of a patient’s stay.  Hospitals can capture every medication, band-aid, or vital sign.  Image studies and reports are stored in imaging systems next to scanned documents and EKGs.

Each medication transaction includes drug, dose, and route details, which are sent to the dispensing cabinet.  The patient and medication can be scanned at the bedside and documentation added in real time.  Each step of the way is logged with a time stamp including provider entry, pharmacist verification, and nurse administration.  One dose of medication has dozens of individual datum.