Google Glass And Other Devices Presenting New Crop Of Privacy Risks

Rick Kam | Government Health IT | August 14, 2013

Scarcely a day passes when we don’t hear about some new electronic gadget designed to make our lives more productive, convenient, healthy, or entertaining.

Take Google Glass, for example. Google’s new wearable computer is among the current crop of technologies that may sound like science fiction, but they present real privacy risks. Here are a few developments that healthcare privacy professionals and organizations should be thinking about now.

A BYOD privacy challenge
Depending on whom you ask, the recently announced Google Glass is either every geek’s dream or a scheme to turn ordinary people into “surveillance cyborgs.” The first release of Google’s wearable computer, shaped like a pair of eyeglasses, can respond to voice commands to compose emails, shoot and transmit photos and video, perform Internet searches, and get directions. [...]

Open Health News' Take: 

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