Ingle: Officials Have Botched U.S. Response To Ebola

Bob Ingle | Courier-Post | October 19, 2014

Because of the Ebola virus, mistrust of politicians and government agencies is growing, and they have nobody to blame but themselves. They blew it.  Ebola was hitherto a really bad example of what nature can create, one that we didn’t give a lot of thought to since it was over there some place, in lands too unsophisticated to have their homes inundated nightly with a form of alleged entertainment called reality shows.

That changed when we learned there was a case on American soil. Not to worry, though, because this unlucky fellow was infected on the other side of the pond. President Barack Obama had told us it was unlikely there would be any Ebola originating here. “This is something that really is hard to catch.”

We moved to the environment of unlikely in Dallas, and government officials from the president on down ran to second base, assuring us that there probably won’t be any more infections because, unlike in those other places, our health care workers are trained for emergencies, which means taking universal precautions with all patients.  The first person infected here was one of those health care workers. While they explained that away by saying it must have been some kind of breach of protocol, a second health care worker, also a nurse, was found to be infected...