Researchers Identify Ten New Antibodies That Can Possibly Prevent Cancer Tumours

Staff Writer | News Medical | January 20, 2015

Out of a library with billions of artificial antibodies, researchers have identified ten that can possibly prevent cancer tumours from growing.  A research team at Aarhus University i Denmark has developed ten new antibodies that can possibly be used in the battle against cancer. They work by inhibiting the body's blood vessel formation close to the tumour, which is thereby cut off from oxygen and nutrient supply.

Up to now, the researchers have tested some of the antibodies on mice and, in the laboratory they have succeeded in using them to stop the development of malignant tumours. "The antibodies we've found prevent a cancer tumour from growing. They appear to work perfectly in the laboratory, and this means, of course, that they've got incredibly interesting therapeutic potential that we'll investigate further. However, we're still quite early in the experimental stage," says Associate Professor Peter Kristensen.  He is the main architect behind the new antibodies, but he stresses that the results are preliminary...