Four Business Cases Developed For New Project Ideas

Richard Holland | Pistoia Alliance | January 23, 2015

Over the last three months we have been developing business cases that explore four ideas from IP3. The aim was to investigate the potential market for the output of the projects should they go ahead, the resources required to deliver them, and to flesh out the specific outputs that the project would aim to deliver.

Four ideas went through the process, and at a portfolio review meeting earlier this week two of them were selected to go forward for fundraising. When sufficient funds have been raised to get them started they will become our newest portfolio projects. Anyone interested in supporting the financing of these projects should get in touch with John Wise or Carmen Nitsche by emailing [email protected]

...Value analyses of the successful projects are currently underway and will be added to the business case documents when ready. The business case documents can all be accessed via the project pages in IP3 and clicking the links above will take you to the appropriate page. IP3 logins are required to view the documents. If you don’t already have one then it is free to sign up...