10 Promising Technologies Assisting the Future of Medicine and Healthcare

Bertalan Mesko | LinkedIn Pulse | March 10, 2016

Ray Kurzweil says technology is improving at an exponential rate. Peter Thiel says technological innovations couldn't live up to the expectations. There are plenty of philosophies and schools of thought, but regarding the future of medicine, only two things are certain.

Technology will not solve the problems that healthcare faces globally today. And the human touch alone is not enough any more, therefore a new balance is needed between using disruptive innovations but still keeping the human interaction between patients and caregivers. Here are 10 technologies and trends that could enable this.

1) Health Sensors - Portable Diagnostics

Smartphones being used as biosensors and wearable devices enabling patients to measure almost any health parameter at home would mean that information and health variables would finally not only be available in the ivory tower of medicine, but at home. This way, patients would have a chance for a better health management...