Can SMART on FHIR Solve mHealth’s Medication Management Challenges?

Staff Writer | mHealth Intelligence | January 18, 2017

A demonstration at last year's Connected Health Conference proved the value of the SMART on FHIR platform. Is healthcare ready to embrace the mHealth technology?

An agreement to promote interoperability between three of the largest and most competitive EHR platforms has set the stage for a breakthrough in mHealth medication management. Using the SMART on FHIR app platform, providers will be able to access a patient’s entire medication history no matter where that data is stored. While this opens the door to better care management and coordination, it also gives patients the mHealth tools to manage their own care and collaborate with their doctors.

“It’s really unprecedented,” says Omri Shor, CEO and co-founder of Medisafe, developer of a medication management app – one of roughly 500 such apps on the market -  and a participant in a landmark demonstration at last December’s Connected Health Conference in Washington D.C.

SMART (Sustainable Medical Applications and Reusable Technologies) on FHIR ((Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources), developed in 2010 by researchers at Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital, creates a platform that enables medical apps to run across different healthcare IT systems without modification. The interoperability concept is challenged by proprietary EHR and IT platforms that don’t work well together...