Google to Create Blockchain Style System for Healthcare to Track Patient Data

Gautham | News BTC | March 11, 2017

DeepMind Health, an Alphabet company has announced a blockchain-like system for managing healthcare records.

Ever since Bitcoin’s underlying blockchain technology became popular, many businesses are trying to find uses for it in their operations. Alphabet, Google’s spin-off holding company is also one such company working on creating a “blockchain-style” system for the healthcare industry. Alphabet’s DeepMind Health has announced its plans to use a distributed ledger-like system to keep tabs on how every bit of patient data is being used. The blockchain like tool goes by the name – Verifiable Data Audit which will be released sometime later this year.

According to available information, the tool will make it easier for the healthcare institutions and patients to see who is using the data and for what purpose. It will also bring into light any unauthorized access or usage of patient data for purposes other than intended. The confidentiality surrounding medical records, its handling and management make DeepMind’s Verifiable Data Audit a valuable tool for efficient management, and it might also act as a deterrent against misuse.

In its blog post, DeepMind Health describes the process outlined for implementing Verifiable Data Audit tool in its partner hospitals. According to the post, DeepMind will provide secure data processing services to the hospital where the institution remains in full control of the generated health care records. Like blockchain, the tool whenever accessed will create a log of interaction that can be audited when required. Alphabet doesn’t call Verifiable Data Audit a blockchain tool, but a blockchain-like tool. It borrows many features from Bitcoin blockchain, including immutability...